Cariad’s owner Tim Hartnoll visits the Cariad site.

Tim then flew to London for King Charles III Coronation.

Visit by Paul Spooner 28-29 April 2023 Naval architect and hands-on consultant to the Cariad Project.

Paul, Des & Juha lunch in the Cariad office at the original mahogany1896 gimballed table.

Meanwhile back in the office Clockwise Des, Ae, Ked, Jane, and Fern.

Ked - Joint Project Manager.

Juha Yli-Rami - Mast Builder and Interior Specialist. His experience is invaluable to the project.

A break for one of our electricians to get married.

Sonne, a member of the paint team becomes a Monk for a week.

Huge respect for the planking team. Artisans of a dying art. None of them are young yet they manually hoisted tons of heavy planks into position.

Carpenter Team

Carpenter Team

Steel fabrication team.

Lek’s history goes back to the discovery of Cariad as a derelict in Laem Cabang in 2006. Lek somehow kept the ailing engine running during the 1,000-mile delivery to PSS Shipyard. Responsible for all aspects of engineering and steel fabrication.

Puntira ‘Ae’ Manee – paint supervisor.

Fang – Head of paint team.

Paint Team.

Aoy is a key cog in the project machine. Records in minute detail each worker’s tasks and time worked. Controls materials and tools

Manual labour. Reinstalling a section of the galley bar.

Sun - carpenter working at mezzanine workshop.

Sombat chief electrician with chief engineer Yan.