Des Kearns

Master Mariner / Marine Surveyor.

Project Manager 2006-2008.

Project Manager 2021-

Kanchala ‘Ked’ Krissadaraksa.

Jointly manages Cariad on site with Des Kearns.

Behind scenes project coordinator 2006-2008

Owner and operator Popeye Marine Services Co., Ltd.

Responsible for 147 yacht refits.

Juha Yli-Rami

Started his career as a pattern maker in Australia,

hence his wood working tolerances are precise.

Spent the next 30 years building boats.

Mast maker 2008.

Mast maker 2022.

Mike Howett

From Tasmania, Australia.

Head shipwright 2006-2008.

Mike is the hands-on consultant responsible

for restoring the hull back to serviceable/sailing condition.

40-year experience building traditional wooden boats.

Sombat Singkhla and Yan Mansun.

Sombat originally wired Cariad 2008. Yan and Sombat team-up as head electrician and chief engineer, jointly responsible for installation and commissioning of electrical and engineering systems.

Anan ‘Lek’ Lanchantha

Lek’s history dates back to Cariad’s discovery in Laem Cabang in 2005. Engineer for the delivery from Laem Cabang to PSS shipyard in 2006. Responsible for installation of engine and steelwork in 2008.

2022 returns to the Cariad project. Responsible for all steel and fabrication work.


Khun Phithak Hongwarnaong.

Owner PSS Shipyard.

Worayut ‘Uun’ Ramwong - PSS Shipard Manager.

Responsible for piloting Cariad in from Tanjung Po.

Responsible for haul-out and move into construction shed.

We could not run the project without his daily assistance.

Dr. Boonsiri ‘Oh’ Limsakul - Phd Engineering - Texas University.

Project Liaison person. Khun Oh was responsible for convincing government officials to allow Cariad to enter Satun when it was not an official entry port. Responsible for reopening the Bonded Warehouse, so Cariad products can be imported into Thailand Duty Free.

Khun Suree.

Owner BOP Box Express Co., Ltd. Bangkok.

Responsible for documentation all Cariad imports into Thailand.

Works jointly with Oh on Bonded Warehouse logistics.