(28th March 2022.)


Overview of early hull findings.

Copper sheathing to be removed for better access to underlying planking.
Underbody to be ground off for better visual access.
Lower 3 planks both sides (beginning with the Garboard plank) to be replaced. Takhian Tong timber ordered from the sawmill. 15 pcs planking 2 1/2” plus 15 pcs 3”
Planking adjacent to and above the stern post to be removed to provide access

for internal corroded frame replacement.

Stern post may have to be removed. Further investigation required.
Stem may need major work. Further investigation required.
Complete new rudder required. Fibreglass sheathing has disappeared. Rudder completely worm eaten.
4 metres of the forefoot completely rotten. Must replace.
Isolated worm holes to be investigated for extent of internal damage.
30-ton lead keel has a tapered joint in the middle. Keel bolts broken and keel has slightly separated at the joint. Investigate condition of all keel bolts.
Numerous seams where worms have entered.

Rudder completely worm eaten

Rotten wood under copper sheathing.

Keel joint bolts broken.

Stem worm holes.

Des Kearns

Cariad Project Manager

28th March 2022.