(1st March - 15th March 2022.)



We consider ourselves privileged to restore a piece of British maritime history to her former sailing glory. 125-years-old, launched in 1896, 13 owners, circumnavigated the world three times, survived two World Wars and the Great Depression. We regard this as an opportunity for each of us to leave behind something tangible for future generations to sail and appreciate.

Overview of recent work achieved or in progress.


Two corroded water tanks and four fuel tanks removed from boat.
Weight removal has reduced draft by about 28 cms.
Redundant water and fuel piping removed from vessel.
Work started on the mast shed roof then immediately shut down when contractors caught Covid.
Genset successfully started and rebuild is underway. Same with Gardner engine.
Douglas Fir container departed port of Vancouver 7th March. ETA Laem Cabang 31st March with ETA PSS Satun about 9th April.
Master stateroom ready for fumigation and rebuild by our carpenters.



Eliminating the ‘steel box.’

We came up with an idea where we can eliminate the ‘steel box’. Currently we have a big hole where the box and doghouse used to be. New idea is to install an insulated teak floor or steel/aluminium composite over the engine room with access hatches so the Gardner or other machinery can be removed easily. We make slight modifications to the steps and crew resting area.  Engine room watertight access door remains the same. We modify the teak doghouse so just to top lifts off.

In summary this will not only save weight but cut machinery accessibility time from one week to half a day.

Doghouse removed and dismantling continues with steel insert box.

Original construction process.

Current large hole before reinstallation of machinery.

Original entrance and look will not change.

8LXB Gardner engine.

Rumour. The Gardner is flooded with seawater. The engine is a ball of rust and seized solid. It will never start again.

Fact. We found no seawater in the engine. It started first time.

2007 completely rebuilt Gardner installation.

Despite neglect, the engine still fine and very low running hours.

12 KVA Northern Lights Genset.

Rumour. The engine is flooded with seawater and will never run again. Suggest install new replacement.

Fact. The Genset was found in poor cosmetic condition however it started first time. We found no sea water in the engine. Main alternator found in as-new condition.

This Genset was brand new when we installed it IN 2007 and has low usage hours.

First start.

Main alternator found in as-new condition.

Drive train shafting - before

After. Note termite damage to woodwork.

Termite damage.

Master cabin eaten out by termites.

Bilges found in surprisingly good condition under the tankage.

Aft end bilge exhibits heavy corrosion. More details will be forthcoming after haulout on 21st March.

Draft reduction results due to weight removal.

Des Kearns

Cariad Project Manager

15th March 2022.