(20th JAN. 2022 (ARRIVE PSS) - 9th FEB 2022.)

This Report outlines details of work carried on Cariad since its arrival at PSS Shipyard, Satun, Thailand on 20th Jan. These numbered document(s) will also serve as record of the project itself up until the time she relaunches.


General Comment.

Now that we have had an opportunity to evaluate “The Cariad” that came back to us after 14 years, our technical conclusion is that the enormous amount of work we must now undertake could have been avoided if previous owners had maintained the vessel.


20th Jan. 2022. Tow Cariad from S/B anchorage to PSS jetty.


Offload internal and external cargo including spars on deck.


Remove deckhouse, engine room box, Genset, 8LXB Gardner engine.


Remove mainmast, booms, gaffs and mizzen stump using crane.


Mast and spars survey carried out by original mast builder.


Remove bowsprit leaving rotten stump for removal later.


We rented space from PSS to set up mast building facility.


Sourced and contracted the original mast builder to take over the mast projects. Good news. Sourced old growth, clear grain Douglas Fir in BC Canada.


Removed a total of 15 tons weight from Cariad. (See details below)


Our engineers immediately worked to evaluate Gardner engine which had been submerged in seawater three times. On 4th Feb. we carried out a first raw start without changing anything – just basic clean up, flushing with diesel and changed lubricants. The Gardner fired up first time. Great news and a large saving towards project costs.


The electrician who originally did the electrical installation visited Cariad to evaluate scope of electrical and electronic work. (See details below)


Technical Details of work carried out thus far:


Masts and spars.

Removed all masts and spars from Cariad and the original professional mast-builder carried out in-depth inspections.


We consider the mainmast still fit for purpose in all respects. Found in very good condition. Requires Douglas Fir insert repairs only. Built in 2007-8, constructed from the finest Canadian timbers and fabricated by professional mast builders. We recommend reuse.

Mizzen mast.

Need a complete new one. We managed to salvage all the fittings, so only the spar is required.

Other spars.

With the exception of one small spar which was completely rotten the remainder of the spars – main and mizzen booms, topmasts, gaffs all found in good condition. Minor repairs only. They were saved by Sunbrella covers and kept stored on deck. We consider all these spars reusable.

Standing rigging.

Found in surprisingly good condition, but complete replacement will be required – stainless or galvanised.

Received the go-ahead from Tim to set up a covered work area to carry out the necessary mast and boom repairs as well as building anew Mizzen Mas


Summary of Weights removed from Cariad.

Mainmast including topmast and standing and running rigging 3,700 Kgs.

Mizzen mast including fittings and standing rigging 1,400 Kgs.

All booms, bowsprit, gaffs and fittings 2,000 Kgs.

Deckhouse 400 Kgs.

Steel engine room box 700 Kgs.

Steel steps 150 Kgs

Gardner engine including gearbox 2,000 Kgs.

Genset 260 Kgs.

Anchor and anchor chain 500 Kgs.

Remaining fuel and water 500 Kgs.

Interior woodwork including steel engine room watertight door.

Singapore cargo inclusive RIB and OB engine. 3,000 Kgs

Total weight removed 15,000 Kgs (15 tonnes)

Using observed draft decrease of 25.4 cms we estimate Tons Per Centimetre Immersion (TPC) to be 1.69 tonnes.


Scope of Electrical Work.

Main distribution panels appear OK. Not touched by the flooding.

Rewire whole boat below the panels.

Northern Lights 12 KVA Genset full overhaul required.

2 x 4.5 KVA yellow gensets where to install?

Gardner wiring.

Rewire engine room distribution panel which filled with sea water during flooding.

Replace or rewire all pumps.

Reverse cycle AC system. We need details of the units from Ksenia, including power draw.

Renew all electronics on board including AIS. Tim to supply list.

New batteries. Lithium?

Battery Management System. Tie in with Gensets and Gardner alternators.

Water maker required? If so, capacity.

Electrical extras list from Tim.

The existing stove and oven is 220 VAC which is a big power draw. Convert to gas or leave as is?

Freezer and refrigeration system.

Currently no autopilot. Install one?

Anchor winch wiring. When Cariad arrived winch was smoking during operation.

Deck lighting.

Navigation lights.

Renew all mast wiring.

Overhaul electric deck winches.


Aft cabin strip out.

Aft cabin discovered riddled with Termites. Most base plywood found rotten and termite eaten. When vessel hauled to hardstand first job will be to tent whole boat and fumigate to stop termites spreading to other parts of the vessel.



Fuel tanks are steel and should be kept full of fuel to avoid corrosion. Fuel tanks were keep empty with resultant heavy corrosion noted. Water tank is aluminium and found heavily corroded.


Teak decks.

Still in good serviceable condition.

Des Kearns

Cariad Project Manager

9th Feb. 2022

Chronological Photographs.

Depart Singapore under tow to tug KMT Coral.

Mizzen mast broke first night out. Fortunately, no one hurt.

Arrive in vicinity of Satun, Thailand. Add one more tug as local knowledge pilot.

Arrive PSS Jetty.

Masts out.

1898 Queen Victoria gold sovereigns salvaged from under both masts. We bought them in London in 2007 for 1,500 Pounds each.

British classic 8LXB Gardner engine out.

What we installed – what we got back.